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Reset Wellness Practitioners:

Some of the Body Services offered at Elevated Wellness are provided by Reset Wellness. Launched in the summer of 2015, Reset Wellness is a unique, whole-body health renewal organization that serves as a place of learning for clients to come to the place of appreciation, discovery, and understanding of themselves and their management of their lives. At Reset Wellness, treatments are not just physical – they’re personal. Reset practitioners assist clients to develop individual, whole-body treatment plans that suit their life, needs, and goals. We want to help make our clients stronger, fitter, and more flexible than ever before.

Lloyd Chung – RMT, Manual Osteopath



Fascia Specialist

To book an appointment with Lloyd, please book online, e-mail,  or call 780-756-5265.




Holistic Healing:

Karen Cruickshank – Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, Spiritual Counselling

Phone: 780-264-4835
Facebook Page:


Karen is a holistic health practitioner with a broad range of training and experience spanning four decades that began with her own health crisis. At the age of 22, Karen was diagnosed with cancer, and this diagnosis led her on a spiritual and healing journey that took her all over the world. In this process, she learned Aikido, Shiatsu, Chinese medicine, Indigenous medicine, and cranial sacral therapy. Karen’s credentials now include Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD), Shiatsu massage practitioner, Masgutova Method practitioner (more information:, and Yuen Method practitioner (more information: For more information about Karen or to contact her about booking an appointment, please visit her website and Facebook page.



Amie Jonas – Yoga Teacher

E-mail: amiejonasyoga@gmail.comDSC01143

Amie is an RYT 200 and is currently working towards her RPYT certification. Amie has found Sat Nam (true self) through yoga and aspires to share this deep rooted connection with all of her students. She hopes to inspire a community that honours one another as we are, without judgement, and hopes to spread unconditional love to everyone she is blessed to teach.Amie is a mother and wife. When she is not teaching Amie can be found spending time with her family. Amie loves to travel and learn from every culture. She loves camping and spending time reconnecting to mother earth. Amie is on a continuous journey to expand her knowledge and spread love everywhere she goes.


Zack Vernon – BodyTalk Practitioner

Phone: 587-985-1829

Zack has always had an interest in the mind-body connection, but after having his health deteriorate in his early adulthood without any known cause, he eventually found his way into an appointment with a “Medical Intuitive” who recommended he try a “BodyTalk” session. After spending the last two years learning about BodyTalk, he finally got the answers he had been missing from the various sources he had sought out before. BodyTalk helped him understand and grasp on an intellectual level the mind-body connection and how it plays a role in someone’s health through a theory called “Downward Causation”. Now he works as a BodyTalk practitioner and a Conscious Living Investigation (CLI) Instructor to aid others in figuring it out as well. Zack currently offers regular in-person and group sessions at Elevated Wellness Therapies, as well as coordinates BodyTalk access classes and “Introduction to CLI” workshops throughout Western Canada. To learn more about Zack, learn about BodyTalk or CLI, or to book an appointment, please visit Zack’s website or reach out directly by phone or e-mail.

Reiki, Hypnosis, and Meditation:

Loralee Scobie – Reiki Master

Phone: (780) 915-0779
Facebook Page:

Loralee is retired Registered Social Worker, Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Reiki Master and teacher with over 18 years of experience. She offers Intuitive Reiki Healing sessions, Traditional Japanese Reiki training, Meditation training, Past Life Regression therapy, Hypnotherapy, as well as Energy Clearing for your home and workplace. Loralee is also a writer and guest speaker on the topics of energy healing and grief recovery. She is currently working on her first book, A New Normal, on the topic of grief and healing. If you would like to learn more about Loralee and what she does, or if you would like to book an appointment with her, please contact her by phone or visit her Facebook page or website for other options.